How can I download proof of earnings for income verification purposes?

Gig work is real work- and you should be able to show this when needing to verify your income. Whether it's to lease a property, file your taxes, or buy a new car, Moves now has the option for you to download an income verification report when needed! 

You can download your own income verification report by clicking into the Resources tab on our website and selecting "Employee verification for Gig Workers", or by following the link here. 

Follow the below instructions to download your gig income report.

1. Enter your email and click "Start my report"


2. Connect each of your active gig accounts by selecting the supported gig platform, logging in and allowing connection.



3. Once you have completed adding your active gig accounts, select the black box on the bottom that says "I'm done adding gig accounts"


4. Your income report is now being formulated and will be sent to the email entered in the first step!


5. Once you receive an email titled "Your income verification report is ready!", you can open it and download directly from within the email


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