How can I use Plaid with my Moves account?

You can connect other financial companies with your Moves Account to authenticate your financial data using Plaid. To locate your Moves account, you will need to manually search  for "Moves" in the Plaid search bar. Once you find Moves, you can move through the Plaid flow to connect your Moves account. Plaid will ask you for the phone number you signed up with Moves to authenticate your account.

Please note that if you try to input your Moves Account and Routing numbers, you will get to a point in the flow that you won't be able to proceed from. Instead, please follow the recommendation above and search for Moves using their manual search.

If you have any issues connecting via Plaid, please reach out to our member support team at hello@movesfinancial and one of our associates would be happy to assist. 

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