How to use Expense Tracking in the Moves app

Now with the Expense Tracking feature, you can record all of your expenditures directly from within the Moves app! With a multitude of categories to choose from, you can ensure that you accurately document your spending so you have a clear and detailed understanding of your budget.  

To start using the Expense Tracking feature, follow the steps below!

1. In the 'Cash' tab of the app, you can 'Add Category' to any transactions you wish

Add category.png

2. Next, select whether you would like to categorize your transaction as a Personal or Business Expense 

business or personal.png

3. If you select 'Business Expense', select one of the offered categories you would like to label said transaction as. If you select 'Personal Expense' there will be no further categories to choose from.

Screenshot 2023-09-12 at 12.37.38 PM.png

4. Once you select 'Done', your selected transaction will show as successfully labelled in your Transactions screen.

once selected.png

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