How does a Cash Advance work?

A Cash Advance are funds that are extended to you in exchange for a promise of your potential future earnings. Your Cash Advance is intended to be used for business expenses (such as car repair, buying equipment for your car or bike, etc.). 

Before you accept your Cash Advance, you will be able to select how much of your gig deposits you want allocated towards your Cash Advance repayments, starting at 10%. Once you select your repayment allocation and accept your advance, you cannot switch your allocation until your next Cash Advance. 

After you receive your Cash Advance, the percentage you chose of each gig payout deposited into your Moves account will be applied to your Cash Advance until the full amount is repaid.

You are welcome to repay your Cash Advance early at any time, without additional fees by clicking the 'Pay Now' button in app.


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