How does a Moves Business Cash Advance (BCA) work?

Our Business Cash Advance (BCA) product is funds that are extended to you in exchange for a promise of your potential future earnings. It is intended to be used for business expenses (such as car repair, buying equipment for your car or bike, etc.).

If you are a self employed worker currently working for one of these supported platforms, you are considered your own business, and so you are eligible for a Business Cash Advance.

What we are doing is buying a portion of your future earnings in exchange for issuing you a cash advance today, similar to a service fee. For example, if we issue you a cash advance of $1,000, we will take back $1,035 of your future earnings ($103.50/week for 10 weeks). The $35 is your future earnings. The amount we deduct will be quoted to you before you accept your advance payment, and your weekly payments will remain the same for the duration of your contract. 

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