How much will a Cash Advance cost?

Total repayment for your Cash Advance equals the Advance's principal amount plus a service fee. Moves doesn't charge any interest on your Cash Advance, and you will be quoted your total repayment amount before accepting anything.

Before you accept your Cash Advance, you will be able to select how much of your gig deposits you want allocated towards your Cash Advance repayments, starting at 10%. Once you select your repayment allocation and accept your Advance, you cannot switch your allocation until your next Cash Advance. 

After you receive your Cash Advance, the percentage you chose of each gig payout deposited into your Moves account will be applied to your Cash Advance until the full amount is repaid. For example, if you select the 10% allocation, and have a $50 Uber deposit, $5 of that deposit will be automatically deducted as a Cash Advance repayment. 

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