My gig income on the app does not match what I actually earned

Our gig app processor is specifically designed to calculate your average weekly earnings within the most recent 4 weeks. If you're noticing that the amount of your average weekly earnings on the app is not accurate, there are a few things you can do:

  1. Try waiting a couple of hours. If you have just recently connected all your gig platforms, it can sometimes take a little while to process all your data. This is especially common for full-time gig workers. The more gig income you earn on average, the longer it may take. 
  2. Understand how eligibility is calculated. This article provides a breakdown of all the advance amounts and how you can qualify for each amount. 
  3. Ensure all gig accounts are connected. Navigate to the 'Profile' tab and click your gig apps to expand and see if they are connected and that your gig deposits are linked. 
  4. Try disconnecting and re-adding your gig accounts.  Click the 'Manage Gig Accounts' button and disconnect all apps you have connected and then try connecting them again. Please note that doing this will not result in any faster waiting or loading times.
  5. Email support. If you have tried all of the above steps and still believe there is an error in your gig income earnings, please reach out to our Member Support team at and we will be happy to look into the issue you're facing! It is especially helpful (and can help expedite your issue) if you submit screenshots of your Moves app reported earnings compared to your actual gig app earnings. 
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