Where can I use my Moves Card?

The Moves Card can be used similarly to any other debit card. You can use your Moves Card to receive deposits, make purchases, and even pay bills! The Moves Card can be used anywhere Visa is accepted. 

To deposit money into your account from your gig accounts (or anywhere else you want money deposited from):

  • Simply access your banking information (such as routing and transit number) from the Spending Account details tab in the Moves app
  • Input the banking information into your direct deposit information on your gig accounts 
  • If you work for any of these apps, you can make the switch directly from the Moves app!

To withdraw money:

  • You may use your Moves Card to withdraw funds at any ATM that supports withdrawals. However, please note that there are fees associated with withdrawing funds from an ATM

For peer-to-peer transfers:

  • Although you cannot send direct transfers from your Moves Spending Account to other bank accounts at this time, the Moves Card can connect with:
    • PayPal
    • Cashapp 
    • Venmo
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