Where can I use my Moves Card?

The Moves Card can be used similarly to any other debit card. You can use your Moves Card to receive deposits, make purchases, and pay your bills. The Moves Card can be used anywhere Visa is accepted. Click the tabs below for more details on the ways you can use your Moves Card.

Direct Deposits to your Moves Account
  • For your gig deposits, most gig apps featured on Moves support in-app switches. This means you can switch your gig deposits directly from the Moves app! To read more on how to set up your gig deposits to Moves, click here.
  • You can use your virtual card located in the Cash tab by clicking on the green card in the top right hand side of the screen
  • You can use your account information located in the Cash tab in the 'ACCOUNT' section 
Withdrawals from your Moves Account
  • With your physical Moves card, you can use any Allpoint ATM to withdraw cash from your Moves Spending Account, free of charge. There are over 55,000 conveniently-located ATMs! Allpoint+ deposit-enabled ATMs can be used to load cash to your account, free of extra charges. Click the map below to access our ATM locator to find an Allpoint location near you.

  • You can still use third party ATMs outside of the Allpoint network, but you may be subject to associated fees from the issuing ATM, as well as a $2.50 fee from Moves.


Peer-to-peer transfers
  • Although you cannot send direct transfers from your Moves Spending Account to other bank accounts at this time, the Moves Card can connect with:
    • PayPal
    • Cashapp 
    • Venmo

Click here to learn more about 3rd party transfers.

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