How do I lock my card or freeze my account?

If you need to temporarily lock your card or freeze your account, we can do this for you on our end, for up to 10 business days. Cards frozen for longer than 10 business days may need to be replaced. To put a temorary freeze on the account, please reach out the Member Support team!

If you suspect a fraudulent charge has been placed on your account, please call 1-856-326-2809 and press 2 to be connected to Visa Support for Moves and they will be able to assist you. Once you require a new card, please contact us at letting us know your account has been locked or frozen, and we can begin the process of issuing a new one. 

Please note: Our Visa number is for dispute/card freeze-related calls only. The agent on the other end may direct you to contact Moves if your call is not dispute-related. Please ensure you contact us at for any non-dispute related inquiries.

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