Which gig platforms support switching my gig deposits?

Moves currently supports the gig platforms listed below. Please note that not all apps currently support direct deposit switches in the Moves app. You can still manually update your direct deposit to Moves and have it count towards your Business Cash Advance, but this will need to be done through your gig apps (rather than through the Moves app). 

All supported gig platforms that count towards your eligibility for a Cash Advance:

  • Uber/Uber Eats
  • Amazon Flex
  • Lyft
  • Instacart
  • GoPuff
  • Doordash
  • Shipt
  • Grubhub
  • Rover
  • Roadie
  • Wonolo 
  • Cornershop 
  • Pointpickup 
  • Favor Delivery 
  • Angi Services
  • ASAP *
  • Instawork*
  • Skipcart*
  • Taskrabbit *
  • Shiftsmart *
  • Curri *

*These gig apps are currently in Beta and may experience bugs – please email us athello@movesfinancial.comif you are experiencing issues. 

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