What is a Virtual Card?

A Moves Virtual Card is a digital banking card that you can use in place of a physical card. Both your Virtual Card and physical are linked to your Moves Spending Account. You can use your virtual card for online shopping and in-person shopping when you add it to your smartphone's wallet while you wait for your physical card to arrive in the mail!

How do I get my Virtual Card?

  • You will automatically receive your card number once you are approved for your Moves Spending Account

How do I see my Virtual Card?

  • To see your Virtual Card number in the Moves app navigate to the 'Cash' tab, click on 'My Card', and tap "View card number"

Is my Virtual Card number different from my physical card number?

  • Yes. For security purposes, your Virtual Card and physical card numbers are different. However, this should not impact your ability to use them both interchangeably

What if my phone was lost or stolen and I need to freeze my Virtual Card?

  • If you need to put a freeze on your account, please contact our Visa Toll-Free Number at 1-833-333-0414 

Can I still use my Virtual Card once I receive my physical card?

  • Yes. Since both cards will be connected to the same Moves Spending Account, you will be able to use both cards interchangeably 


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