What are pending transactions and how can I determine my available balance?

Pending transactions are purchases, payments, and other transactions that haven't yet been posted to your account.

When you initiate a purchase or payment either online or in-person, the merchant may sometimes choose to delay charging your card. Instead, they put a hold on the transaction while the banks process the funds. This transaction will then fall under your ‘pending transactions’ section on your dashboard and the amount will be placed on hold until processing is completed.

The transaction may feel like it's over and done, since there's a receipt that it happened, but it's not complete: the funds haven't necessarily been deducted from your account balance immediately.

For example, if you had an original balance of $500 and made a purchase of $100, you may see a “pending transaction” for $100 on your account. This may reduce your spendable balance to $400

Spendable balance: This is the balance that is available to spend or withdraw at any given moment. The amount is determined based on your current balance subtracting any pending or on-hold transactions. You can find this amount on your Spending Account dashboard under the Cash tab (highlighted in the green box in the screenshot below).


Pending transactions: A pending transaction is a real time transaction that you have authorized but has not yet been posted to your account balance as it is still in clearing. Pending transactions are deducted from your available balance and take a 1-2 business days to be finalized. You can find this information when you click into transactions on your Spending Account. Pending transactions will show up at the top of the list of transactions (highlighted in the green box in the screenshot below).


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