I keep getting logged out of Instacart since connecting it to Moves

Moves is currently aware of an issue with connecting Instacart accounts to the Moves app, in which connecting your Instacart account to Moves results in you being logged out of your account in the Instacart app. We are actively working on fixing this issue. While we work on solving this, there are a few things you should know about this issue:

  • Connecting your Instacart to Moves will likely log you out of the Instacart app (so we recommend not connecting while you're working)
  • The issue is with Instacart's security practices -- in other words, Moves does not initiate the log out, Instacart does
  • We are continually working on resolving this issue, and will be reaching out to Moves members who connected their Instacart once we have a permanent solution
  • For Cash Advance Eligibility: If you have connected your Instacart account at least once to Moves before, and have your direct deposits being sent to your Moves Spending Account, it will still count towards your Cash Advance eligibility, even if you have revoked Instacart access to Moves 

How you can help us help you:

Moves has been working with the Instacart team to try to resolve this issue. However, since we are only one company, it can be hard to get our voices heard by a larger company like Instacart. That's where you come in! If Moves, along with its members, can put our collective voices together to bring Instacart's attention to the issue, they may be willing to solve it sooner. 

Helping us out is easy and will only take 2 minutes:

  1. Go to the Instacart Help Center 
  2. Open a ticket with Instacart asking them to modify their security policy to allow for multiple-app login

To make it easier for you, we've drafted a letter to Instacart you can send them when you open a ticket. Feel free to modify the letter however you want, just be sure to include your name in the blank spaces available.

Hey Instacart,

My name is ____ and I’m an Instacart worker and use Moves Financial (https://movesfinancial.com/) as my home for my gig business. As part of this experience, I need to be able to pull information from my work on Instacart into the Moves app. With your current security setup, I cannot be logged into both Instacart on the app and Moves at the same time. I am reaching out to request that you please modify your security policy to enable me to stay logged into multiple apps at the same time. This is important for my financial health and I would appreciate your help in updating your security policy for the modern gig worker.

Thank you for your time and attention,

[Your name]

We appreciate your help! If Instacart ends up reaching out to Moves for an update, we will keep our Instacart members updated on what they say. If you receive a reply from Instacart to the letter above, feel free to forward it to us at hello@movesfinancial.com.

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