How do I link my gig apps to Moves?

Connecting your gig accounts to Moves is easy and safe! Your login credentials are never seen or stored by Moves, and connecting to your gig apps means ease and ability to manage all your gig work in one place. 

If you are a new Moves user: Upon signing up for Moves, you will be prompted to link your gig accounts after verifying your email and answering a couple questions about yourself. When you click 'Link an Account,' you will be provided a list of gig apps to choose from. 

If you've already created your Moves account: If you've already connected some gig accounts and would like to connect more, simply navigate to the 'Gigs' tab in the Moves app, click 'Manage Gig Accounts,' and proceed with the linking process by logging into your gig app from the Moves app.

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