Which stocks are supported by The Moves Collective?

Stocks, also known as shares, are the units of ownership in a publicly traded company. By owning stocks, you become a shareholder of the company which can give you a share in the company’s profits and the voting rights in their Annual General Meeting and other shareholder votes. The more shares an individual owns, the greater the voting power they have. 

By joining the Moves Collective and completing tasks, you are rewarded with fractional shares of the platforms you earn income on that our program supports. The exact stock and amount can differ between each task completed and will be provided by our partner, Bumped Financial. 

The Moves Collective currently owns shares across six publicly traded gig companies: Uber, Lyft, DoorDash, Grubhub, Amazon, and Target. We will continually monitor our supported gig apps and update this list when necessary. Stock rewards will only be available for the above listed apps.

To learn more about the Moves Collective you can click here.

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