Deposit Task Terms & Conditions

If you have received an invitation to join The Moves Collective, congratulations! You are on your way to becoming an owner and building a voice in the future of the gig economy. The First Task and monthly Gig Week tasks available to you are considered Deposit Tasks:

Here are the Terms and Conditions of Deposit Tasks:

  • Only gig earnings deposited into your Moves Spending Account are considered Eligible Deposits for Deposit Tasks
  • Eligible Deposits can be made via the Direct Deposits (ACH) or Instant Pay methods offered by the linked gig platforms
  • Eligible Deposits must total a minimum of four hundred dollars ($400) within seven (7) days of starting the task to successfully complete both the First Task and Gig Week Deposit Tasks and be eligible to receive the stock reward*
  • No minimum balance is required in the Moves Spending Account to complete the  Deposit Tasks
  • Upon completion of your first Deposit Tasks, an invitation to sign-up for Bumped Financial (‘Broker-Dealer’) will be provided
  • Upon the successful creation of a Bumped Financial Broker-Dealer account, the stock reward* of five dollars ($5) in fractional shares in your Top Gig Company will be calculated and allocated to your Bumped Financial Broker-Dealer account within seven (7) business days
  • If you already have a Bumped Financial Broker-Dealer account, the stock reward* of $5 in fractional shares in your Top Gig Company will be allocated to your Bumped Financial Broker-Dealer account within 7 business days of successfully completing the Deposit Tasks
  • Your Top Gig Company is based on the following criteria:
    • The supported gig stock company which you receive the most deposits from during the thirty (30) day period before completing the Deposit Tasks 
    • If the supported gig company that you received the most deposits from during the above period is not a publicly-traded company (ex: GoPuff) and therefore not a supported gig stock, your default fractional shares reward will be in Uber (see table below)


Supported Gig Stock Supported Gig Company Deposits
$UBER Uber, Uber Eats, GoPuff, Rover, Instacart, Roadie, Wag, Dolly, Caviar
$LYFT Lyft
$DASH Doordash
$GRUB Grubhub
$TGT Shipt
$AMZN Amazon Flex


The Moves Collective program is offered to you by Moves Financial. The program and the rewards offered through the program are in no way affiliated with, or supported, endorsed, or managed by, Blue Ridge National Bank, N.A.

Moves Financial reserves the right to amend, withdraw or restrict the Deposit Tasks at any time without notice. Moves Financial is the sole arbiter of these rules, the calculation of Eligible Deposits, Top Gig Company, and any other issue arising in connection with the Deposit Tasks. If Moves Financial suspects fraudulent or abusive behavior, gaming of the system or a violation of these terms, Moves Financial reserves the right to remove all promotions from the applicable Moves Spending Account and take any other action it deems appropriate including, but not limited to, closing the applicable Moves’ accounts. An invitation to participate in this Deposit Tasks does not provide assurance that the invited customer will be accepted as a customer of Moves Financial or Bumped Financial.

Moves Financial’s Investing in securities involves risk, including possible loss of principal: Not FDIC Insured • No Bank Guarantee • May Lose Value. Past performance is not a guarantee of future results. Neither Moves nor Bumped financial offers investment advice. Accounts are self-directed. Individual investors should consider the risks and benefits associated with any investment or strategy and weigh the potential benefits of investing against the risks associated with any investment.

Risks include loss of the total value of the investment.

*Accumulation of collective voting shares is not a consideration when determining the appropriateness of owning a particular stock. Investors should prioritize their individual investment objectives and personal investment considerations when deciding whether to buy, hold, or sell any security. Individual investors should consider the merits of a particular investment as it relates to their individual investment goals, overall financial situation, and appetite for risk. Standard terms ( relating to your use of Moves Financial and any agreements that apply to the Moves Spending Account each applies and are not affected in any way by this Deposit Tasks.

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