Why does Grubhub keep rejecting my instant payouts?

Moves is currently facing technical issues for members who drive for Grubhub, in which any instant payouts initiated from the Grubhub app are being delayed and ultimately rejected by the Moves Spending Account. If this happens to you, rest assured that once payment is rejected, your Grubhub earnings will be transferred to the following weekly pay cycle.

Moves has learned that the reason instant payments are being rejected is due to the payment rail Grubhub's instant payouts uses not being supported by the Moves Spending account. This is something we're currently looking into improving for our members.

In the meantime, here is what you can do if you are a Grubhub driver and use a Moves Spending Account:

  1. Do not initiate any instant payouts to Moves as they will be rejected
  2. If you have already switched your Grubhub deposits to Moves, you can still receive your weekly deposits deposited into your Moves Spending Account

Any deposits from Grubhub that arrive in your Moves Spending Account will still count towards your Cash Advance eligibility. 

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