How does the Moves Referral Program work? 

We are excited to launch the Moves Referral Program! As a member of the Moves Collective, you will have access to your own personal referral link that earns you $30 in stock rewards* in your top gig company for each successful invite. Full details of our Moves Referral Program can be found in our terms and conditions

With your help, we can grow the Moves community and build our voices collectively to make the change we want to see in the gig economy!  

Participating in the Moves Referral Program is easy! There are three requirements you (the Referrer) must meet to join the program: 

  1. Have a Moves Spending Account in your name
  2. Have received at least one (1) gig deposit to your Moves Spending Account from a supported platform
  3. You are part of the Moves Collective

Once you meet those requirements: 

  1. Share your referral link with other gig workers (Referees)! Your unique link can be found in the settings tab of your Moves App
  2. Invited Referees are required to open a Moves Spending Account and receive a gig deposit (Eligible Deposit) from one of our supported platforms

A referral is deemed successful once the Referees’ first deposit settles. You will earn a $30 fractional share of Your Top Gig Company(Share Reward) per each successful referral! 

In order for you (the Referrer) to receive the Share Reward, your invite (the Referee) must:

  • Use the Referrer’s unique referral link to install the Moves App and apply for the Moves Spending Account
  • Not already have an application for, or, an existing Moves Spending Account
  • Open a Moves Spending Account
  • Make at least one (1) Eligible Deposit to their Moves Spending Account


Referral Program FAQ:

Where can I find my referral link?

Moves Collective members can find their shareable referral link under the Settings tab in the Moves App. 


How many gig workers can I refer? How much can I earn in Referral Bonuses?
You can refer as many gig workers as you would like! Each successful referral will earn you $30 in Stock Rewards with no upper limit to the amount of Stock Rewards earned.
Is every Moves member part of the Referral Program?
Currently, only Moves Collective members can participate in the Referral Program. Once you become a Moves Collective member, your unique referral link will appear in the Moves App under the ‘Settings’ tab.
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