Quick Start Guide: Opening a Moves Spending Account

Opening up a Moves Spending Account makes accessing your gig income easier, gives you access to Cash Advances, and lets you have all your gig earnings in one place (which can be helpful come tax season). 

To access Cash Advances, you will need to open a Moves Spending Account first, as this is where your Advances will be deposited, and where your weekly Advance repayments will be withdrawn from. 

Opening a Moves Spending Account is quick and easy! Just follow the steps below:

  1. Apply: You can apply for a Spending Account directly from the Moves app by clicking here from your mobile phone. To see who is eligible for an account, click the tab below.
  2. Approval: You can expect to receive an answer about your application within 1 business day or less!
  3. Your Cards: Once you have been approved, you can start using your Virtual Card right away. Your physical card will arrive in up to 11 business days, and will include instructions on how to activate it when it arrives.

Opening a Moves Spending Account FAQ:

Who is eligible for a Moves Spending Account?

To be eligible for a Moves Spending Account, you must meet the following requirements:

  • You are 18 years of age or older
  • You are a US resident with access to either a passport or SSN
  • You have a valid US address*
  • You are a gig worker on one of our supported platforms and have connected at least one gig account to Moves

We may reach out to you during the application process if we require any additional documents. 

Please Note:

*PO boxes will not be accepted during the application process. However, upon proof of physical address, you may opt to have your card sent to your PO box.

Where do I find my card and account info?
Once you have been approved for a Moves Spending Account, you can find the following information either by clicking the links below from your mobile phone to be brought directly to the proper screen in the Moves app, or follow the directions after the links!
How can I take out cash with my Moves card?

Moves members can use any Allpoint ATM to withdraw money from their Moves Spending account. Members can also use any Allpoint+ deposit-enabled ATM to deposit their cash, free of charge! 

Click the map below to access our ATM locator to find an Allpoint location near you.

To read more, click here.

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