Quick Start Guide: Setting up your gig deposits with Moves

Moves serves to eliminate the need to juggle multiple bank accounts and streamlines the sporadic nature of your gig business into one convenient, easy-to-use Spending Account. 

By setting up your gig deposits with Moves:

  • You’ll have a better understanding of your money, including your past earnings, current available balance, and expected payouts (income that has not yet been paid out by your gig apps)
  • Income deposited via instant payouts will count towards your Cash Advance eligibility. The more you deposit, the greater the cash advance that you could receive!
  • Money spent via your Moves Card will be eligible for cash-back rewards tailored specifically for gig workers! 

Instructions for setting up your weekly and instant deposits can be found in the first tab below. 

Setting up your gig deposits FAQ:

How do I set up my weekly and instant gig deposits to Moves?

To be eligible for a Cash Advance, you will need to link your weekly and instant payouts to Moves.

To link your weekly deposits to Moves:

  1. After you have connected your gig apps to Moves, navigate to the 'Cash' tab in the Moves app
  2. Click the 'Add Funds' button
  3. Click on the 'Direct Deposits' button at the top of the list
  4. Select the gig app in which you want to switch your weekly deposits
  5. Follow the prompts to proceed (some apps may require further verification)

To link your instant deposits to Moves:

Click here for instructions for all Moves-supported gig apps.


Can I manually link my gig deposits?
If you need to link your gig deposits manually, you will need to login to your chosen gig platform and edit your banking information or payment method from your gig app. To go directly to your account and routing numbers in the Moves app, click here from your smart phone device. Or, click the 'Account' button in the Cash tab in the Moves app.

How long does it take my gig deposits to arrive in my account?
Early Pay gets you access to your gig earnings up to 2 days earlier than your scheduled weekly payouts from supported gig platforms. Please note: If you are an Uber or Roadie driver, you should already receive your direct deposits on the same day.
Weekly deposits from your supported gig platforms automatically qualify for Early Pay when you link your gig deposits to Moves.

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