What Stock Reward will I receive?

When you spend with your Moves Visa Debit Card or successfully refer gig workers to Moves, you are rewarded with gig stock! Your stock reward* is based on your top gig company. This is calculated based on the supported gig stock company which you receive the most deposits from the past 28 days. 

For example, if 65% of your deposited gig earnings in the past 28 days was from Lyft, then Lyft will be your top gig company. 

If the supported gig company that you received the most deposits from in the past 28 days is not a publicly-traded company (ex: GoPuff) and therefore not a supported gig stock, your default fractional shares reward will be in Uber.

How to check your top gig company:

To check your current top gig company, go to the ‘Collective’ tab in the Moves app, and locate Your Stock Reward at the top of the screen. 

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