Quick Start Guide: Cash Advances

To be eligible for a Cash Advance, you will first need to link your gig deposits to your Moves Spending account. Once you have deposited a minimum amount of $100 in gig deposits within a 28 day time-frame, you will begin to qualify for a Cash Advance. 

You are only able to have one Cash Advance at a time. You are able to repay your Cash Advance at any time, without incurring additional fees. Once your final payment has been processed, you can request your next Cash Advance after 5 days. 

Cash Advance FAQ:

How can I get a bigger Cash Advance?

Our real-time assessments will automatically adjust members’ eligibility to determine their highest qualified Cash Advance amount up to 100% of their average weekly gig deposits.

Moves looks at your gig income deposits to determine your Cash Advance eligibility. The more gig income you deposit, the quicker you will see your Cash Advance increase. 

However, a strong repayment history and healthy overall account status will also be taken into consideration for higher Cash Advance amounts as you build your reputation with Moves.

How do repayments work?
After you receive your Cash Advance, 10% of each gig payout deposited into your Moves account is applied to your Cash Advance until the full amount is repaid. So, for example, if you had a Cash Advance balance and made a $50 Uber deposit, Moves would automatically deduct $5 from the deposit.

You are able to pay your Cash Advance at any time by clicking the 'Pay Now' button in the Cash Advance screen. When you use the Pay Now feature there is a 5 day waiting period before you can accept your next Advance.
Are there any fees to a Cash Advance?
Total repayment for your Cash Advance equals the Advance's principal amount plus the 5% service fee.

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