When does my Gig Deposit Trend update?

Your Gig Deposit Trend can be found within the "Cash" tab, and then by clicking the "Cash Advance" button near the top of the screen, and is updated simultaneously with your incoming gig deposits! As soon as you receive an eligible gig deposit into your Moves Spending Account, your Gig Deposit Trend will instantly update to show you how you are trending towards your next BCA

Your Gig Deposit Trend is the average weekly gig earnings deposited into your Moves Spending Account in the past 4 weeks. It tracks any weekly and instant gig payouts received exclusively by your Moves account from gig apps supported by Moves.

Gig Deposit Trend is used to determine your Cash Advance eligibility. The greater your Gig Deposit Trend, the greater the Cash Advance amount is available to you!

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