How does my Weekly Goal work in the Moves app?

Moves has implemented a Weekly Goal feature to assist you in staying motivated in reaching your financial targets!

Your weekly Goal will take into account all connected gig platforms so you can easily see where the majority of your income is coming from. Below, you can see that all income from all connected gig platforms have been taken into account and are split on the income wheel according to the amount of income made for each during that week. 


If you surpass your Weekly Goal, your income will continue to be tracked in the income wheel to show you how much you exceeded! 


Your Weekly Goal will default to being set at $1000 a week, but this can easily be changed within the Moves app. To update your Weekly Goal, follow the steps below: 

1. Click on the "$1000 Goal" text in green in the Gigs tab 


2. Choose on the sliding scale, which amount you would like your Weekly Goal to be


3. Once you are happy with your new Weekly Goal, click "Save" and your new Weekly Goal will show in the Gigs tab! 


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